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Topic Area 4: Digital Technologies

Digitization is very dynamicly taking place in all areas of life. Together with the parallelly running diversification of mobility digitization currently leads to far-reaching upheavals in the perception and implementation of mobility. For the transport authorities, digitization is a chance to make their own work and the transport system more efficient. Within topic area ‘Digital technologies’, experts research how current topics of digitization can be used for complex planning, operational and testing processes within the transport system. In this context, the researchers analyze which preconditions are required for a cross-modal use of digital processes.

The authorities, BSH, BfG, BAW, DZSF/EBA, BAG and BASt are working together to define the options for a cross-departmental cooperation within the areas of IT usage and provision of information. Furthermore, they cooperate to develop concepts to unlock potentials of information and communication technologies within the BMDV’s operating area.

Key topics

The topic area attends to the exploitation of digital technologies from two sides. In the main topic Assessment of New Technologies for Mobility, innovative digital technologies are constantly assessed regarding their practical benefit. The main topic Data Management and Data Processing establishes the basis for exploiting relevant technologies for the data exchange within the transport sector.

Assessing information technology

Innovative technologies, such as augmented or virtual realities, are rapidly developing further and new digital systems are reaching their application maturity. The researchers within the main topic Assessment of new technologies for mobility continuously identify the potentials and risks of new technological developments and cross-modally test their applications within the sector of transport administration. For this purpose, they consider the new information technologies from a scientific, technological, legal, political and sociocultural perspective and develop specific application scenarios for the transport modes road, railway and waterway.

Besides the assessment of augmented and virtual realities, currently technologies for digital building information modeling (BIM) and for cross-linked traffic, such as vehicle-to-everything (V2X) communication or for autonomous driving, are in focus of this main topic.

Unlocking and using digital potentials

The main topic Data Management and Data Processing establishes the basis for exploiting suitable and modern digital technologies for the transport sector. In this context, the other topic areas of the BMDV Network of Experts provide test cases for the application of these technologies. Therefore, the focus of the efforts is particularly on the definition of common requirements for data management and data storage, for example in the area of geodata and geotechnical databases (GeoValML). The development of common and uniform ideas of use and of potential application areas of these technologies – both across all transport modes – makes their future usage possible in the first place. With the development of prototypical demonstrators in the areas of mass data processing (big data, smart data), artificial intelligence (AI), and GeoValML, the necessary experience is gained for the practical implementation in the authorities.


  • As changes in buildings’ conditions can be visually captured by digital systems, such as virtually simulated realities or virtually augmented realities, the efficiency of building inspections is increased when maintaining the infrastructure.
  • The results of an environmental analysis regarding autonomous maritime shipping, conducted by the BMDV Network of Experts, attested a great potential for improving safety at sea and for increasing the environmental friendliness of shipping.

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