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The synthesis report summarizes the significant findings of the first phase (2016-2019) of research activities by the BMDV Network of Experts and presents innovative solutions to the questions on the future of transport.

Result reports of the topic areas (Executive summary in English)

Verkehr und Infrastruktur an Klimawandel und extreme Wetterereignisse anpassen - ErgebnisberichtErgebnisbericht des Themenfeldes 1 im BMVI-Expertennetzwerk für die Forschungsphase 2016 – 2019
Verkehr und Infrastruktur umweltgerecht gestalten - ErgebnisberichtErgebnisbericht des Themenfeldes 2 im BMVI-Expertennetzwerk für die Forschungsphase 2016 – 2019
Verlässlichkeit der Verkehrsinfrastruktur erhöhen - ErgebnisberichtErgebnisbericht des Themenfeldes 3 im BMVI-Expertennetzwerk für die Forschungsphase 2016 – 2019
Digitale Technologien konsequent entwickeln und anwenden - ErgebnisberichtErgebnisbericht des Themenfeldes 4 im BMVI-Expertennetzwerk für die Forschungsphase 2016 – 2019
Einsatzpotenziale erneuerbarer Energien für Verkehr und Infrastruktur verstärkt erschließen - ErgebnisberichtErgebnisbericht des Themenfeldes 5 im BMVI-Expertennetzwerk für die Forschungsphase 2016 – 2019

Publications in scientific journals

TitleAuthors, Publishing Year, Journal
Impacts of Heavy and Persistent Precipitation on Railroad Infrastructure in July 2021: A Case Study from the Ahr Valley, Rhineland-Palatinate, GermanySzymczak, S., Backendorf, F., Bott, F., Fricke, K., Junghänel, T., Walawender, E., 2022. In: Special Issue "Impacts of Climate Change on Transportation Infrastructure, Networks and Nodes", Atmosphere, 2022, 13(7).
Climate services in support of climate change impact analyses for the German inland transportation systemHänsel, S., et al., 2022, Meteorologische Zeitschrift Vol. 31, No. 3.
Risikoanalyse der Schnellbremsung bei frontaler KollisionsgefahrTagiew, R., et al., 2022, Elektrische Bahnen, Ausgabe 6-7/2022.
Simulating the spread and establishment of alien species along aquatic and terrestrial transport networks: A multi-pathway and high-resolution approachBagnara, M., et al., 2022, Journal of Applied Ecology.
Preliminary results on the bird protection effectiveness of animal deflectors on railway overhead lines based on electrical current evaluationKornhuber, S., et al., 2022, Nature Conservation.
Estimating the hazard of tree fall along railway lines: a new GIS toolSzymczak, S. et al., 2022, Natural Hazards.
Resilience of Railway Transport to Four Types of Natural Hazards: An Analysis of Daily Train VolumesFabella, V. M., Szymczak, S., 2021, Infrastructures.
UV aged epoxy coatings ̶ Ecotoxicological effects and released compoundsBell, A. M., 2021, Water Research.
A new combined statistical method for bias adjustment and downscaling making use of multi-variate bias adjustment and PCA-driven rescalingKrähenmann, S., Michael Haller, M., Walter, A., 2021, Meteorol. Z.
Identification of windthrow-endangered infrastructure combining LiDAR-based tree extraction methods using GISSteffen, M., et al., 2021, Journal of Applied Remote Sensing.
Determination of metal uptake in single organisms, Corophium volutator, via complementary electrothermal vaporization/inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and laser ablation/inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometryvon der Au, M., et al., 2020, Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry.
Tyre and road wear particles - A calculation of generation, transport and release to water and soil with special regard to German roadsBänsch-Baltruschat, B., et al., 2020, Science of the Total Environment.
Tyre and road wear particles (TRWP) - A review of generation, properties, emissions, human health risk, ecotoxicity, and fate in the environmentBaensch-Baltruschat, B., et al., 2020, Science of the Total Environment.
Does galvanic cathodic protection by aluminum anodes impact marine organisms?Bell, A.M., et al., 2020, Environmental Science Europe.
Ecotoxicological characterization of emissions from steel coatings in contact with waterBell, A.M., et al., 2020, Water Research.
New Methodical Approaches for the Investigation of Weathered Epoxy Resins used for Corrosion Protection of Steel ConstructionsBrand, S., et al. 2020, Journal of Hazardous Materials.
Regional atmospheric reanalysis activities at Deutscher Wetterdienst: review of evaluation results and application examples with a focus on renewable energyKaspar, F., et al., 2020, Adv. Sci. Res.
The significance of coastal bathymetry representation for modelling the tidal response to mean sea level rise in the German BightRasquin, C., et al., 2020, Ocean Sci.
New high-resolution gridded dataset of daily mean, minimum, and maximum temperature and relative humidity for Central Europe (HYRAS)Razafimaharo, C., et al., 2020, Theoretical and Applied Climatology.
Monitoring einer Schleuse mittels Persistent-Scatterer-InterferometrieSchneider, P. J., Sörgel, U., 2020, avn.
A statistical analysis of rogue waves in the southern North SeaTeutsch, I., et al., 2020, Nat. Hazards Earth Syst. Sci.
Tidal response to sea level rise and bathymetric changes in the German Wadden SeaWachler, B., et al., 2020, Ocean Dynamics.
The Baltic and North Seas Climatology (BNSC)—A Comprehensive, Observation-Based Data Product of Atmospheric and Hydrographic ParametersHinrichs, I., et al., 2019, frontiers in earth science.
Reliability assessment of ageing infrastructures: an interdisciplinary methodologyPanenka, A., et al., 2019, Structure and Infrastructure Engineering.
Krylov methods for adjoint-free singular vector based perturbations in dynamical systemsWinkler, J., Denhard, M., Schmitt, B. A., 2019, Quart. J. Royal Meteor. Soc.
Quaternary (triphenyl-) phosphonium compounds: Environmental behavior and toxicityBrand, S., 2018, Water Research.
Ultra-high precision UAV-based LiDAR and dense image matchingCramer, M., et al., 2018, Int. Arch. Photogramm. Remote Sens.
Identification of extreme storm surges with high-impact potential along the German North Sea coastlineGanske, A., et al., 2018, Ocean Dynamics.
Emissions from corrosion protection systems of offshore wind farms: Evaluation of the potential impact on the marine environmentKirchgeorg, T., et al., 2018, Marine Pollution Bulletin.
Tire Abrasion as a Major Source of Microplastics in the EnvironmentSommer et al., 2018, Aerosol and Quality Research.
Coarse-Particle Passive-Sampler Measurements and Single-Particle Analysis by Transmitted Light Microscopy at Highly Frequented MotorwaysTian, Z., et al., 2018, Aerosol and Quality Research.
2017 - 2016
Interannual and Multidecadal Changes of Wind Speed and Directions over the North Sea from Climate Model ResultsGanske, A., et al., 2016, Meteorologische Zeitschrift.
Nontarget Analysis via LC-QTOF-MS to Assess the Release of Organic Substances from Polyurethane CoatingLuft, A., et al., 2017, Environ. Sci. Technol.
Evaluating the atmospheric drivers leading to the December 2014 flood in Schleswig-Holstein, GermanySchade, N., 2017, Earth Syst. Dynam.

Project reports

On the influence of graupel in COSMOCLM simulations in regard to the annual and diurnal cycle of precipitationHaller, M. et al. 2021, Climate Limited-area Modelling Community Newsletter No. 17
Rapid attribution of heavy rainfall events leading to the severe flooding in Western Europe during July 2021Kreienkamp, F. et al., 2021, world weather attribution
Adapting the German transport system to climate changeHänsel, S. 2020, Report of the UNECE Group of Experts on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Transport Networks and Nodes
Assessment of Non-Indigenous Species (NIS) in the Port of Cuxhaven and JadeWeserPortIfAÖ Institute for Applied Ecosystem Research GmbH, 2020
Low flow extremes of the Rhine river – Causes, impacts and adaptation of the most important inland waterway in EuropeNilson, E., Wurms, S., Report of the UNECE Group of Experts on Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation for Transport Networks and Nodes, 2020

Presentations at events and contributions to conferences

Effects of mean sea level rise and tidal flat growth on tides and strom surge events in the Elbe estuaryMahavadi, T., et al. (BAW), 2021, vEGU, digital
Assessing and enhancing resilience to extreme weather for transport infrastructure in GermanyAnastassiadou, K., et al., 2020, Proceedings of 8th Transport Research Arena TRA, Helsinki, Finnland
Ecotoxicological assessment of the environmental impact of anti-corrosion coatingsBell, A. et al., 2019, Annual Meeting Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry Europe, Helsinki, Finnland
Quaternary phosphonium compounds: new toxic compounds present in sediment and suspended matterBrand, S. et al., 2019, 11th International SedNet Conference, Dubrovnik, Kroatien
Hydro-abrasive exposure and damage – appropriate concrete resistanceSpörel, F., 2019, Concrete in Arctic Conditions: workshop proceedings from a Nordic workshop, Trondheim, Norway
Comprehensive noise assessment in complex situations with more than one mode of transportChudalla, M., Strigari F., Bartolomaeus, W., 2018, Proceedings of 7th Transport Research Arena TRA, Vienna, Austria
Ultra-High precision UAV-based LiDAR and dense image matchingCramer, M., et al., ISPRS TC I Midterm Symposium, 2018 Karlsruhe, Deutschland
Safety and availability of road infrastructure during extreme natural and man-made eventsHarder, J., et al., 2018, Proceedings of 7th Transport Research Arena TRA, Vienna, Austria
Enhancing Automated Water Level Control at Navigable Waterways by High-Resolution Weather PredictionsKasper, J., et al., 2018, 13th International Conference on Hydroinformatics, Palermo, Italy
Estimating the invasion risk to the German railway system for 123 invasive alien species Leiblein-Wild, M., et al., 2018, IENE, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Weather-corrected immission levels - comparison of sound propagation modelsStrigari F., Bartolomaeus, W., Chudalla, M., 2018, DAGA 44. Jahrestagung für Akustik, München, Deutschland
Calculation of weather-corrected traffic noise immission levels on the basis of emission data and meteorological quantitiesStrigari F., Chudalla, M., Bartolomaeus, W. et al., 2018, Proceedings of 7th Transport Research Arena TRA, Vienna, Austria
Trace metal transport in the river Elbe: An assessment of extreme hydrological eventsLabadz, M., Schwandt, D., Hübner, G. 2017, River Basins, Vienne, Austria

Information on the BMDV Network of Experts

The BMDV Network of ExpertsA brief description of the BMDV Network of Experts