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BMDV Network of Experts – the cross-modal format of departmental research.


The BMDV Network of Experts pools expertise and resources of seven departmental research institutes and specialist authorities. The Network’s objective is to put competences onto a broader common basis, to link them more intensively and thus promote the transfer of knowledge and technology. Moreover, the network intensifies the dialogue between experts in science and research, industry and economy as well as in politics and administration.

Within the BMDV Network of Experts, the following institutions cooperate:

  • Federal Logistics and Mobility Office (BALM)
  • Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH)
  • Federal Institute of Hydrology (BfG)
  • Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt)
  • Federal Waterways Engineering and Research Institute (BAW)
  • Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD, German Meteorological Service)
  • German Centre for Rail Traffic Research (DZSF) at the Federal Railway Authority (EBA)

The BMDV Network of Experts builds a bridge between research and its application and thereby involves all relevant stakeholders and respective resources. By applying a cross-modal perspective, new research approaches as well as innovative and problem-solving methods are developed.


Organizationally, the BMDV Network of Experts is divided into a decision-making level and a specialist level. The Steering Group, which operates on the decision-making level, consists of BMDV representatives, the heads of the Overall Coordination Committee (see below) and of the network office. The Steering Group is managed by the BMDV Research Officer, who belongs to Unit G 12.

This Figure schows the organiation stucture of the network Network-Organizational Chart

Representatives of the seven specialist authorities, the topic area coordinators and the network office are organized in the Overall Coordination Committee. Among others, the Committee’s tasks include the scientific and administrative coordination as well as the dissemination of scientific findings and also public relations.

On the specialist level, cross-departmental and cross-modal research is conducted within six different topic areas. Based on the research findings and the newly developed methods, professional advice is provided to politics and the transfer of the research outcomes into practice is prepared. More information on the various research topics is given here:

Further information:

Topic area 1: Climate change impacts and adaptation

Topic area 2: Environment and transport

Topic area 3: Reliable transport infrastructure

Topic area 4: Digital technologies

Topic area 5: Renewable energies

Topic area 6: Transport economic analyses